The Lincoln Center

The Lincoln Center is our main headquarters!  Located at the corner of East and Lincoln, a community center has emerged at the site of an old strip club.  For and By Neighbors, all sorts of community gatherings are able to use the space and schedule an event. During our regular hours folks in the neighborhood are welcome to hang out, sip some coffee at Lincoln Lane, do laundry, collaborate together, and if any needs arise we try to connect with whatever services are offered in our area.  Our plan is to engage our neighbors and partners and work together to do whatever our community needs.  Our schedule can be seen on this.

For a Calendar of events, go HERE

To Contact us, go HERE

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3 thoughts on “The Lincoln Center

  1. September 18th 2016

    Thank you Lincoln Center for Partnering with Power of God Ministery this is what happens when we work in Unity.
    Gods it so good . A lady that excepted the Lord at the last revival wanted to be baptized at this one here at the Lincoln Center. So we had a baptism tonight at the end of our service. She said she wanted it done there because right down the street is where just a few weeks ago she was buying drugs and God delivered her from them. As she was getting baptized a guy stopped walking past and watched , he was headed to the same house she used to get her drugs from he was going to go get drugs decided to not get drugs but to except God and let God change him.
    I would call this a great night. Thank you Jesus for letting me be a part of this miracle and using me.

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