Ways to Get Involved

Click on the drop down menus to find out ways to get involved. We know we can NOT do all of this on our own. We need your help. Not only that, we would love to have your help and get to know you!


3 thoughts on “Ways to Get Involved

  1. Hello, I am contacting you on behalf of my small group through Connection Pointe Church in Brownsburg. We have a group of 7 couples (in our 20s and 30s) that are interested in getting together and helping out in various way in the Indianapolis area. We have committed to volunteering as a group at least once a month. Do you have any opportunities or various needs that we may be of service?

    1. hey! i am glad you are servants. if you guys want to love on some folks, we have stuff to do. we also know other groups who would love help with things like street outreach to homeless and working on a building. when are good times for you guys? just shout at me… this is derek… my number is 317-361-6904… if i don’t answer, please leave a message. keep loving others and honoring them as better than yourselves.

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